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How to come in for an appointment during COVID-19
1) Book an appointment​​
2) Complete your first COVID-19 Screening survey (link in your confirmation email)
3) On the day of your appointment, complete the "2 hours prior" screening survey (link in your email)
4) Come to 500 King St W, complete your "10 mins prior" screening survey (link in your email)
5) Text Jonathan at 647-888-7906 to let him know you've arrived
Please watch these two videos
Hand Hygiene
  • What should be expected at my first appointment?
    Your first appointment will involve a review of your initial intake/consent forms in order for your RMT to understand your current condition(s). This is required by the College of Massage Therapist of Ontario. With your consent, your RMT will assess/treat your current complaint and formulate a plan for current and continual care.
  • Why is an assessment required before a treatment?
    An assessment is an invalueble tool in determining the source of pain and dysfunction. Pain and stiffness typically arises from the human body's compensations, either due to poor habits, sedentary lifestyle or injury. Pain is analogous to an alarm rather than the source of the problem, therefore assessment is required to find the true culprit in a painful dysfunction.
  • Do I need to remove my clothes to get a treatment?
    Not necessarily. Depending on the type of treatment you are looking for (therapeutic vs. relaxation), there can be a lot more assessment and movement on your part, therefore being in athletic attire is preferred. If you are looking for a more traditional massage treatment, your level of comfort will dictate your degree of clothing and only areas being actively treated will be uncovered.
  • Does a massage need to be painful to be effective?
    The simple answer is no. A therapeutic massage can have a certain amount of discomfort, but should never exceed a person's tolerance. Depending on the goal and focus of the treatment, pressure can be adjusted by the RMT or changed by request from the patient/client at any time.
  • Why are your treatments different from other RMTs I've seen?
    Through additional training, I have adopted the most effective aspects of each course and applied it to my treatment methodology. My goal is to alleviate any of your pain or restriction in order for you to function at your best. Better function leads to less pain and better quality of living.
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