How to come in for an appointment during COVID-19
1) Book an appointment​​
2) Complete your first COVID-19 Screening survey (link in your confirmation email)
3) On the day of your appointment, complete the "2 hours prior" screening survey (link in your email)
4) Come to 500 King St W, complete your "10 mins prior" screening survey (link in your email)
5) Text Jonathan at 647-888-7906 to let him know you've arrived
Please watch these two videos
Hand Hygiene


What protocols are set for hand hygiene?

Everyone is to wash their hands/use hand sanitizer on arrival and before they leave. Your therapist will be washing/hand sanitizing before and after each appointment as well.

What precautions are being taken to ensure other patients aren't COVID positive?

There are three COVID-19 screening surveys that needed to completed at different times before a person can come in for an appointment: 1) Upon booking - to screen if any symptoms are present before reserving a spot 2) 2 hours prior to an appointment - to ensure no symptoms are present before you head to your appointment 3) 10 minutes prior to appointment - to ensure you are symptom-free arriving to your appointment.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes! The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario has mandated that masks be worn by both the therapist and patient during the entire duration of a treatment. Please wear a cloth or disposible mask that DOES NOT have a valve.

Is there a risk of catching COVID-19 at my appointment?

Similarly to going grocery shopping, picking up take-out, going into the office for work, there is a risk of exposure. But we are taking adequate precautions by remaining masked at all times, diligent hand washing, and thorough cleaning between appointments. By coming in, we are in agreement that the benefits of treatment outweigh the risks.

Is the treatment space being cleaned regularly?

Yes! All high touch surfaces in the treatment room are going to be disinfected between each appointment. Shared spaces are cleaned regularly by building maintenance staff.