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Late and Missed Appointments and Cancellation Policy

Your time is valuable.  My time is also valuable.  It's all about respect.

Late and Missed Appointments

Late for an Appointment

Everyone's lives are pretty busy, so it's understandable that sometimes you will be running late for an appointment.  The policy we follow at R3 is based on respect.  If you are late, please give me a call, text or email to let me know that you are on your way and running behind schedule.  Upon your arrival, your appointment will proceed as usual, if time permits, but we reserve the right to treat and bill for the appointment duration that has been scheduled or ask you to reschedule your appointment.  If time permits, for both patient and therapist, it is under the therapist's discretion whether to continue treating past the allotted time to make up the full duration of the treatment.


Missed Appointments

Whether you have forgotten about your appointment or needed to attend to an emergency, you will be contacted either by phone or email.  We do this to determine the reason of your absence, and to ensure your well-being.  We reserve the right to charge a missed appointment fee, depending on your frequency of missed appointments and reason for the missed appointment.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to make it to your appointment, please contact us 12-hours prior to your appointment or as soon as possible.  This gives others the opportunity to your appointment slot, which can be very important to someone in acute pain.  Within your confirmation email, there is a link that allows you to cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 12-hours before your appointment.  If you are sending notification with less than 12-hours prior to your appointment, please call.  We reserve the right to charge a late cancellation fee where applicable. 

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